Thursday, June 23, 2005

Equal is Not True and True is Not Fair

Equal is not True and True is not Fair

Truth precedes Fairness. And because of this uncomfortable reality, Americans confuse all sorts of things for the sake of political expedience. For example, the statement, “All [people] are created equal.” is certainly false. I am stronger than some people and some people are certainly stronger than I, so the strength of all people clearly is not equal. The supposed meaning of this statement is that all people have equal rights under the law, but this is also false. All our children have a right to an adequate education, but those in some schools are never really taught to write while those in other schools are. We all have a right to vote, but most drunkards, drug addicts and street people never actually do vote. So the abstract right is really quite different than the actual ability to accomplish the action that right protects. The point here is that equality in the abstract is no assurance of fair treatment. Which means just because we may be equal in the abstract, in truth some people get a vastly better deal in America than others, and some people, in truth, do not get as bad a deal as they pretend.

Truth as it turns out has nothing to do with fairness. And yet, all people tend to appeal to truth when what they really hope for is an abstract falsehood in the name of material fairness. Let me illustrate: When the poor steal from the rich it may be fair, but it is a falsehood to pretend it is not theft. When the weak demand more rights than the strong it is likely fair, but it is a falsehood to pretend more rights for the weak is equal rights for all. This problem becomes particularly acute when it comes to misrepresentation in the press. When the press exaggerates the sufferings of the poor and ignores the sufferings of the wealthy -- though this may be fair -- it is immoral in light of the duty of the press to represent the truth. Plato and Marx are wrong when it comes to manipulation of the media, even if it is done for sake of fairness. The truth is only the truth: what comes next is fairness. But fairness is impossible without a clear understanding of the truth. Oh, by the way, Kerry lost.


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