Saturday, September 13, 2008

Palin's Teeth our Teeth

Prior to the Palin pick, there were a number of factors turning our nation around from our paralysis of cynicism, but we were trapped in the mode of political correctness, the opiate of the academics. We simply needed a catalyst, a tipping point, to allow us to change course from the pessimism of the Mental Illness Party aka the Democrats, and embrace the optimism of autonomy and moral agency once promised by the Republican Party. Palin is that point. She has become tipping point Palin. And she need not have a vast understanding of international policy to accomplish this. The fact is no president or vice president need remember the names of all the various ideological schema, nor the actual number of legs on a centipede for that matter. True leaders look to the experts in the field, folks like Krauthammer or Fukuyama or Rice. True leaders are not mediocre wonks, they hire top wonks. The power of Palin is not her ability to recall information, but her confidence and understanding that in the end America has both the wisdom and the strength to turn it around. She may not be the expert on the Caucasus or even the moving target of "Bush doctrine," but she certainly knows she can find American experts. To quote Safire, an expert in his own field, "the nattering nabobs of negativity" have created the impedimentary crust of our present crepitating leaders. That is why they hate her so: Palin holds the hammer that will crush them, like the sidling crabs they are. And that lipstick-smeared old whore, the NYT, is justifiably frightened of this powerhouse that is moving upon a once great newspaper become now only an old gray witch. America is done with apologetics we are ready to live again. Sarah barracuda, Palin the pit bull, has given us the teeth to bite back. Oh taste and see.


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