Monday, August 08, 2005

Nature Conservancy Stealing Family Farms in Vermont

Nature Conservancy Stealing Family Farms in Vermont
Posted by James D. Carmine PhD

This post was taken down from due to fear of litigation. That fear was justified in light of the extraordinarily litigious nature of TNC!

I have just returned from a one week vacation with my family in Guildhall, Vermont and discovered to my horror that the Nature Conservancy has begun an aggressive campaign to steal family land from elderly and impoverished landowners in Northern Vermont. In one instance they claimed the very center of one land owner's property was not being put to significant use and claimed they instead could take it as their own using the legal device of adverse possession. The Nature Conservancy is following the same abusive legal practices once reserved only for the lumber companies. The land theft occurs by using the twin stratagems of eminent domain and adverse possession to pluck land often held in families for generations in one punitive legal maneuver that most elderly land owners simply cannot afford to resist. The legal and emotional costs of holding one's property against the onslaught of crack hired guns is more than most retired folks can manage. As a consequence the Nature Conservancy simply rolls over them.

The Nature Conservancy legal team has teamed up with some of the most malicious local Vermont land lawyers imaginable, who help them target the most vulnerable people.

IF YOU LIVE IN VERMONT AND HAVE HAD ANY DIRECT EXPERIENCE of this please respond below. I have already met three families who have lost land to these practices. I intend to write a series of articles that detail these patently brutal legal practices. This is particularly terrifying in light of the most recent Supreme Court decision regarding the loosening of eminent domain to allow private companies the right to take private land from others. I have also stumbled upon startling and significant evidence that there is likely land fraud involved at the level of the Vermont judiciary. One case has already been filed with the FBI and it is slowly grinding its way forward. PLEASE send any additional information you may have regarding this Vermont Judicially protected land fraud directly to me at Or of course call the US Attorney General.


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