Saturday, September 13, 2008

Palin Power

Palin-Power is far more important than many seem to perceive. Our fascination with Palin is tantamount to the beginning of the transformation of American culture, from an identity of victimhood to an identity of moral efficacy melded with courage. Palin VP is more than Sarah Palin. A vote for Palin VP is a vote to end the apologizing for being American, for loving our children and our spouses, for our military strength and for our genuine deep pride in our Declaration of Independence and our ensuing Constitution, and the mega-powerful economy that all this bore. Americans are done with the opiate of the academics: post-modern relativism, haughty cynicism and pervasive trembling fear to embrace at least a few absolute truths. Palin is equivalent to saying "Out" with the moral cowards and "In" with the risk of making a few transcultural moral decisions. That is why so many in academe, and the shoddy journalists educated in their ideologically laden "Schools of Communication," hate Palin. She holds up a mirror to their academic cowardice and their perpetual moral prevarication.


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