Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Pro-Choice, Pro-Gay Marriage, Pro-Kids, Pro-Rick Santorum

I am decidedly pro-choice and fundamentally pro-gay marriage, but after reading the laughably clumsy September 5, interview by Patricia Sheridan in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, I am now resigned to the fact that I will be voting for Rick Santorum. At least he actually understands that kids really do need fathers when at all possible.

Yes I do agree with “Rick the Prick.” It does take a family to raise a child and it takes a community to help that family thrive sufficiently to raise that child. Divorce law in America now, however, effectively destroys community support for families, all families, both gay and straight. A particularly painful example of this is that family court judges are smugly pleased when they take our soldiers’ children and income from them while they are at war overseas fighting to protect those very children. As a social liberal, which I am, it actually hurts me a bit even to admit I am voting for Rick Santorum, but mean as he is regarding his bizarre antipathy to gay marriage, he alone is the candidate most likely to help fathers raise their children.

Oddly enough a most horrid article in the purportedly conservative The Pittsburgh Tribune Review on September 6,”Mean girls” by Kellie B. Gormly, actually quotes a famously stupid Orefield, Pa. psychologist, Dr. Herbert Mandell, who blames the malice of girls on “emotionally absent or abusive fathers.” Mandell conveniently overlooks the reality of our “yippee, divorce is great” culture. The reality is that child-custody decisions ushered in by the Hillary/Boxer/Pelosi Democrats have created an America where the majority of girls are not actually allowed to see their fathers more than a few days a month.

The destructive notion that American children are best raised by communities of social workers in conjunction with single mothers is the shibboleth of the Democratic Party. Santorum sanely rejects that.

So that’s it. I’m voting for Rick Santorum and then taking a stiff drink and hoping my closest kindest friends will someday talk to me again. Or I may just lie and say I didn’t really vote for Santorum. But I am a dad, and as I see it Rick Santorum is the only guy looking out for my kids. Because sure as hell NOW and the NARAL liars aren’t.


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