Saturday, August 08, 2009


The Dems are actually over thinking this. We are simply tired of being lied to. What we are seeing at these town hall meetings is a national emotional outburst: Global warming is turning out to be a devious way to steal from our families with politically driven semi-science that is more hype than reality; TARP went to the very crooks who stole our retirement; Big Pharma is gouging us at every turn and the big O made a backroom deal to make sure they can keep doing it; Psycho-babblers tell us we are all mentally ill and need to be gouged by Pig Pharma whenever we are justifiably despairing; Doctors have become gate keepers rather than doctors. We are told by predatory health dealers we need all sorts of measures and we have no way to find out if we really do. We are feeling poorer than ever and profoundly betrayed, cheated and lied to by smug politicians at every turn, and now O-land wants to jack up our taxes to stick it to us a little further with health care promises that sound just like more lies. Why should we trust O when he and his do nothing to make it possible for us to comparison shop between scamming docs and hospitals and insurers. Seems pretty clear a health monopoly is on the horizon, and of course only for the poor, just like the monopoly of public school non-education. Oh and to complain about any of this makes us Nazis. Of course Americans are outraged at these town hall meetings and privately buying guns and ammo at record rates, forget a revolution people just want to be able to shoot back a little when these well-coiffed monsters with whispery voices and winks come for our homes and kids.


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Enjoy the outdoors, your family, your freedom of speech, your work and your health benefits. Then try to help everyone you come into contact with have the same things.

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